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Share Your Story


You are part of a network of more than 200,000 Pi Phi sisters worldwide and with your help, Read > Lead > Achieve can go viral. Did you know today, one out of four children cannot read? Let’s get the Story of One trending online and popping up on newsfeeds everywhere! You can be an advocate for Pi Phi’s reading initiatives by sharing your experiences and discussing how important reading is via social media. It’s as simple as clicking “Share” on Facebook® or retweeting an impactful tweet.

Here are some ways you can promote Read > Lead > Achieve:

  1. Share your individual, chapter or alumnae organization’s literacy story, including photos and videos from your event on the Read > Lead > Achieve Facebook page at www.pibetaphiliteracystory.org. Don’t forget to report your impact on our progress meter, too! Help us reach our goal of impacting one million lives through Read > Lead > Achieve.
  2. Share your tweets on Twitter® and post your photos on Instagram® using the hashtag #readleadachieve.  
  3. Mark your calendar for the next Fraternity Day of Service and start thinking about how you will promote your event. Do you want your event to be bigger and more impactful than ever? Click here for tips on planning a successful Fraternity Day of Service celebration.  
  4. Share the Story of One video. Post the video to your Facebook page and tweet its link to generate discussion about the importance of reading.  
  5. Connect with Pi Beta Phi on social media! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and read Pi Beta Phi’s blog. Then, be sure to share your literacy stories with us!