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Fraternity Heritage Resource Manual

Arrows, Angels and Admiration
Throughout the year, the Vice President of Fraternity Development is expected to engage the chapter in activities designed to help members understand how Pi Beta Phi and its individual chapters have become what they are today. 

An individual section of the Fraternity Heritage Resource Manual, Arrows, Angels and Admiration, is assigned each semester by Grand Council as the theme for Fraternity Education for the semester. 

We will be updating Fraternity heritage modules in 2018.  The Fraternity Heritage Activity Guide can be found in the Resource Library. The Fraternity heritage programming focus for Spring 2018 is Pi Beta Phi Philanthropies and the National Panhellenic Conference. The assigned topics for Fall 2018 are Chapter Heritages and Notable Pi Phis.  

The Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Heritage Resource Manual, Arrows, Angels and Admiration, was written by Fraternity Archivist and Historian, Fran DeSimone Becque, New York Alpha, in 1996. 

Module I. The Founding of I.C. Sorosis (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Module II. The Founders of I.C. Sorosis (PDF) (revised April 2014)
Module III. Notable Pi Phis (PDF) (revised October 2014)
Module IV. The Symbols of Pi Beta Phi (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Module V. Philanthropies (PDF) (revised October 2013)
Module VI. Celebrating 150 Years (PDF) (revised January 2017)
Module VII. Traditions and Celebrations (members only) (revised June 2014)
Module VIII. Pi Beta Phi Publications (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Module IX. The Music of Pi Beta Phi (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Module X. Convention and Awards (PDF) (revised July 2014)
Module XI. National Panhellenic Conference (PDF) (revised November 2013)
Module XII. Chapter Heritage (PDF) (revised January 2015)

Appendix Table of Contents (PDF)
Appendix A - Founding Dates (PDF) (revised July 2016)
Appendix B - Closed Chapters (PDF) (revised July 2016)
Appendix C - Editors of The Arrow (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Appendix D - Fraternity Historians (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Appendix E - Award Winners (PDF) (revised January 2015)
Appendix F - Retired Awards (PDF) (revised April 2013)
Appendix G - NPC Meetings (PDF) (revised April 2013)